Monday, July 15, 2013

Daybook Entry for July 15

I haven't done one of these for a while, so here I go...

Outside my window...It is cloudy and blessedly cooler than normal. Today topped out at 82 or so and was super muggy this morning. Then we got some RAIN!!! :) Not much, but it has been sprinkling off and on today so that at least everything is damp. And the rain made it even cooler. So happy and thankful to be having this kind of weather in the middle of July.

I'm thinking...That this summer hasn't had nearly enough 'stay-at-home' days. Dd's schedule just continued on without skipping a beat:)

I am thankful for... My hubby. He has been working so many hours lately and spending some extra time with his parents and he is so tired!! But he has also been trying to do things with us as well, so long as he doesn't fall asleep first:0)

In my kitchen... I had a fairly productive day in the kitchen today. I made myself a huge pot of cheeseburger soup for lunch (and dinner, and lunch and dinner, etc for the next week or so). I say it's for me because my hubby has a thing against eating soup in the summer and because it has lots of onions, peppers, mushrooms and tomatoes. Yum!! But dd won't eat any of that. I also actually have dinner ready and did up most of the dishes as well!! :)

Creativity this week included...I have so many things I'm working on right now!! Lots of fun things, and I'm making sure that it's all a little different from one another. A little quilting, a bit of sewing (hand and machine), some crocheting and lots and lots of stitching.

I am going... We have a few places to go this week. Dd has swim team practice several times, we have a rabbit project meeting for 4-H (County Fair is next week!!!), a Sunday School picnic, and we are going to a water park!! I think I need a nap:)

My reading indulgences...I was given a chance to review a book from a new author about a month ago and I'm just now getting to reading the book. Really good so far, I'll post a review of it soon.

Around the house...I'm pretty sure there should be a rule that if you are crafty/creative then you are exempt from needing to ever clean the house:) It's not clean, it's not gross either but my mother would get after me if she saw it!! :0)

What's going on with you this week?

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Bernadett Rauski said...

I stitch a lot,blog a lot.The weather is not really for the summer.There are storm every day...