Monday, June 17, 2013

Oh, Happy Day!!!

DD got back from camp Friday night, and I am so very glad she is back:) She had a great time and is ready to become a camp counselor now and spend her whole summer there, LOL!! I'm not quite ready for that though! She did say it was a bit hot, and I guess one of the girls had a cold, because both my dd and her best friend came home with allergy/colds. She is healing and I am so happy to have someone to chatter with during the day:)

Last Thursday I met up with my SIL, Marianne Meyer, at a needlework shop, did a little shopping (mostly to kit up the two projects that I lost), went out for lunch and then joined in with her Needlework Guild for a few hours. It was a lot of fun and not something I get to do very often. She wants me to become a member of her Guild, but with it being during the week and an hour away, it's just not the right time of my life to be able to do that. Maybe in a few years:)

I also had a bit of good luck late last week. I was going through my stitching basket and I found the favorite scissors that I thought was lost with the stitching projects!!! I was most upset about the loss of the scissors, so even though I did lose my stitching projects, and a cheap pair of pink scissors, I'm feeling much better about it all now:)

And I got a re-start on both projects now too. The one on the left is Prairie Schooler's Spring Ornie, the one on the right is a bird embroidery freebie found HERE. It's a bit frustrating to be working on the ornie all over again since it was almost done, but I'm doing better on the embroidery, so I'm not so upset about starting it over again:)

I have also been working on crocheting a toddler blanket and will have it done and ready to show off tomorrow!!! So stay tuned....


Mouse said...

hope you manage to find the me time t go to the guild ... and way to go on finding you favorite scissors .... may be the other bits will turn up too ... but nice new starts :) love mouse xxxxx

cucki said...

Sweet new starts and very pretty scissors (:
Enjoy x

SoCal Debbie said...

Hurray for finding your scissors! I thought I lost my favorite pair too and bought new ones, but then found them after all. Your stitching looks wonderful.