Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Creative Juices are Flowing!!!

It's been a while!! I am tired of saying that things have been busy and that hopefully my little world will slow down, so I'm not going to say it!! :) I have had some alone time this week as dd went off to camp for the first time. She is less than a half hour away and I had to pick her up the first two evenings to take her to swim team so it's not been that bad for me, yet;) Last night I dropped her off from swim team and if all goes well, I won't see her again until Friday night:( I am always surprised at how I can want some alone time while she's here, but once she's gone I want her back!! She is having lots of fun though and we were pleasantly surprised at how many girls from her homeschool group and her 4-H group that are there and all in the same dorm. They take up about a third of the dorm room. She knew a couple would be there, including her best friend, but it is really nice to have so many girls that she knows all together.
Okay, on to my creative juices!! I don't know about you, but I get so excited to find new (to me) magazines to give me ideas. And for the last couple months I've really been taking a detour from wanting to just cross stitch. Don't get me wrong, I still love cross stitch and won't be giving it up (I have WAY too many projects to be giving it up!!!), but I have found several other crafts that have caught my attention lately. Quilting, embroidery, crochet, sewing and other paper and fabric crafts have been creeping into my rotation basket:)

I even made it into Hobby Lobby for some fabric this week. These fabrics will be all cut up and made into a bag soon. The colors are very bright and loud, which isn't my usual 'cup-of-tea', but I think this will make a very happy, summery bag!!

I have lots of crafty thoughts going on right now that's made it hard to focus on anything long enough to get something done. Adding to that, I lost a project bag last week that had my bird embroidery and a spring ornie in it (the ornie was just almost done!!) and more important, to me anyway, was a pair of scissors that were gifted to me:( I know I lost it in the Y's parking lot, but I've asked several times, and the staff hasn't seen it come into them. So, yesterday I spent some time re-kitting both projects and re-tracing the bird embroidery. Tomorrow I'll go to my (not so local) LNS and get the floss that I need for them, and *maybe* and extra project or two. Just what I need!! :)

Now I'll get off here and try and get something done to show off to you all soon!!!


cucki said...

Nice mags :)

SoCal Debbie said...

Oh Shannon, I'm sorry you lost a project bag with stitching inside! Good for you for deciding to start them over again. I had a big cross stitch design burn up in a car accident but I didn't want to start it again. I just framed a progress photo of it instead. LOL