Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June Goals

Our Summer schedule is finally starting to come together, so I thought I would come up with a few crafty goals for the month. I figured I'd better do this before I let the month get away from me!! That is SOOO easy to do during the summer:)

Top 5 goals for June...

1. I would like to get this quilt top all put together. I'd really like to start the quilting on it too, but I don't think that'll happen:)
2. I would like to completely finish this toddler blanket. It will go to a friend that takes care of respite and foster children. I'll leave it up to her whether she keeps it or gives it away.
3. I want to get this made into a needle book. There will be a second girl involved in the project as well;) For those who asked for a link to this pattern, I am still looking for it. Like I said before, I printed this off years and years ago and I am having trouble finding the original. I wish I wrote these down then like I do now to make sure I could give credit where it is due. I will continue to search for the designer of this chart.
4. I want to get this stitched up and made into a bag. I am actually about half done with the stitching on this, but I don't want to spoil it by showing it off yet. My stitching on it is getting better, you can really see where I started from where I am now, but I am going to leave it that way so I can see my progress.
5. I want to have a couple of ornies made up this month too as I've really fallen behind on that. I have one just almost done and another picked out to work on. No pics for this.
I think I have a nice variety of projects I want to work on. Some crocheting, quilting, sewing and stitching. I may also have to throw in my dd's horse cross stitch into the rotation as she has been getting after me about that!! 


cucki said...

Happy June stitching x

Carol said...

Looks like you have lots to keep you busy!

SoCal Debbie said...

Your needlebook will be so cute! I love the bright colors!