Thursday, May 16, 2013

Very late TUSAL

I kept meaning to post my TUSAL report, but kept forgetting to:) So I will do one better, I'll post the TUSAL and introduce you to one of our cats!!

This is 'Muffin' She is one of our mama cats and is super sweet and cuddly with us, but kind of cranky with the other cats!! She is really fine boned and delicate, and she thinks she is a princess:)

I thought I would take the strings and bits outside and the cats would all want to play with it, but it took me some time to get Muffin interested in the strings. She just wanted me to pet her instead:)
There were other cats out as well, but none of them wanted their picture taken.
I did stitch quite a bit this past month, but it doesn't really look like it according to my TUSAL report here. Most of what I did stitch on was small things, so I guess I just didn't have many leftover strings;0)