Thursday, May 9, 2013

Been a while!!!

Well, I'm just not doing so good with keeping up with the blog, am I? I'll try to get back to it, but until then here's a little of what's been going on around here.

First off we are getting real close to the end of another (home) school year!! It's always exciting to know you only have a week or two left for the year and then to start planning for the next year:) This year is a bit more exciting than most as our dd is finishing up her 8th grade year and we will be planning for High School now!! Our local support group held a Senior High/Jr High graduation a couple weeks ago, so our dd attended that. We will sign the diploma as soon as she finishes up with her work;) it's also just about time to switch from the school-year activities to the summer ones. Dd is thinking she might join swim team this year, but wants to make sure she'll be able to stay in gymnastics as well.

I've been fighting allergies/asthma something terrible this spring!! But we've gotten some much needed moisture and the wildlife that we enjoyed the first couple years we were out here (this is only the 6th year we've lived out in the country since we've been married), is starting to come back. We've had ducks in our front pasture and this morning I saw a box turtle in our driveway:) The birds are out and singing too.

I've also been stitching and getting ready for some blog hops that I signed up for. The first on was the 'Shake Your Pom Poms' and next will be 'It's for the Birds'. These are organized by Madam Samm over atSew We Quilt and are so much fun!!! My next day will be on May 13th and so I am frantically trying to get my project done for that:)

I also finished the next section on a round robin that I am part of. This one belongs to a lady named Sue and I love the soft colors that she picked. She also decided to use only one strand of floss which make it look even softer. It is amazing how different each of our projects are turning out even though we all used the same chart. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of Sue's project before I mailed it off:( Oops!! So no pictures to show on that one.

That is all for now. I think I will post kitty pics in a day or two. I love the cute spring animal babies each year!!

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cucki said...

keep well dear and have a lovely weekend..
big hugs x