Monday, March 18, 2013

The IHSW that wasn't

Wow, this weekend really got away from me. I knew it would be busy and that I would have to try really hard to fit some stitching in, but it ended up that I wound up only stitching for a half hour for the whole weekend!! Shame on me!! :) It was a fun weekend for dd though!! She worked the nursery during MOPS on Friday morning, we picked up her friend in the afternoon and went to Leather Craft class until evening. Then the friend spent the night, stayed up until nearly 7:00 am (hubby stayed in the camper and was VERY thankful to have somewhere to hide!!). Then her friend went home and we went to a cousin's birthday party. On Sunday we went to church, I cooked with hubby and once that was done I pretty much vegged out!! The house is a mess that is slowly being put back together:)
Since I don't have any weekend stitching to share with you, I thought I would share all the new starts I had from last week!!!
This is 'Key to My Heart' from Cherrywood Designs and can be found in March 2013 issue of Cross-Stitch & Needlework Mag. I didn't have the pink fabric so I am using some out of my stash, something in 32ct. I'm thinking I might take out the brown lettering and do it in a deeper brown as it seems to be blending in too much. This one will be for an exchange.

This one is Blackbird Design's Loose Feathers Summer/Autumn/Winter. I will stitch them all together as shown in the picture, except I won't be stitching the alphabet. I am stitching this on 40ct Legacy over 2 with 2 threads. This is probably my favorite project I am working on right now:0)

This one is a freebie that I have stitched a couple times already, but I love how it turns out so nice and cheerfull!! This is 'Lovebird' from Midsummer Night Designs. I am using the random 32ct fabric on this one too, and this one will also be for an exchange.

Here is the very beginning of my next LoveQuilts block. This is 'Forgotten Treasure' from the Stoney Creek book 'Antique Tractor Collection'.  This little boy really likes tractors and all things farm related. The pic is a little hard to see, but it is a old grey and black tractor with a farm scene behind it.
This one isn't a new start, but I am hoping to get it done by next week's Monthly Ornie deadline. This is Prairie Schooler's Spring Ornie. This is the last in the series for me to get done. I'm really excited to have all four of them done and ready to use!!!
Well, you can see that I've had some time to stitch, even if it wasn't over the weekend. I actually have one more that I'm getting ready to start. It is a bigger project for my dd and has horses on it. And I am also working on a round robin project, but haven't gotten much of anything done on it yet, so I'll post on that later.
We have another busy week ahead of us, though I think next weekend will be much quieter than this last one was. :) 


cucki said...

Wow super sweet new starts..I love them all so much
Hugs x

SoCal Debbie said...

Wow! So many nice starts! Loose Feathers will be so pretty. It will look wonderful without the letters. I love bird designs.

lynn cockrell said...

It appears you have been quite busy. These are really looking good. There is something so Americana about old tractors and they are wonderful, both real and viewed through stitches. The barn is looking pretty, too.