Thursday, March 28, 2013

March WIPocalypse update

It's that time of the month again. No, not THAT time of the month, but rather time for a WIPocalypse update:) Since I had so many starts earlier this month and I've been working on them a bit here and there, it didn't seem as if I had much to show off. However I did just finish (as of this morning:), this block entitled 'Lovebirds' from Midsummer's Night Designs. This is a freebie and will be used for a bird themed block exchange. I have actually stitched this up before, I think this is the third time I've stitched this one, and so far I haven't kept even one of them. Maybe I'll need to stitch it up one more time, but for myself this time!!
This one is La D Da's 'Live, Laugh, Love' and a group of ladies and I, 5 of us in all, are doing this one as a round robin project. We each chose our own thread colors we wanted to use and stitched a section of our choice on our own project and then switched them out and stitched a section on the next persons' project. So this one belongs to my SIL, Marianne Meyer of Midnight Stitching, and the top section is what I stitched for her. It is now ready to be mail out to the next person. This is my first round robin to participate in and it has really been fun. I am hoping not to see a pic of my project until I get it in the mail and it is all finished. I want to be surprised!! 

And tomorrow is my 'Finish It Friday' Challenge. I've been looking through my stitching cabinet to find what I plan get get finished off so I can post on it tomorrow. I am hoping to get my March ornie done and if I can I think that the P.S. winter and spring ornies will be what gets finished off. Then the whole set will be completely finished!!! :) If you want information on what 'Finish It Friday' is and how to join in, click on the button above and it *should* take you to my page that give all the details:)


lynn cockrell said...

Shannon, you're so smart! These all look so pretty and someone will be happy to receive that block. The blue bird is so sweet.

cucki said...

Wow it is looking so sweet ..
Hugs x

SoCal Debbie said...

What a cute bird! I don't know if I could stitch the same thing 2-3 times. Do you change the floss colors each time?

Christine said...

The bird is gorgeous. I'm stitching Live Love Laugh too, using the recommended colours, but I love your colour choices