Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Week 4 Crafty Project

These projects are going so well:) I'm very pleased to be getting old things finished, however this week my crafty project was a new project. I mentioned before that our 4-H group would be putting together a gift basket with an Autumn theme, for an auction that will benefit our county 4-H group. So this week I bought some new yarn that I'd never used before and set to work on a couple dish cloths to put in our basket.

I used 'I Love This Yarn' brand and I really did like it!! :) I've used their 'I Love This Cotton' brand and I really do love that one, but I thought I'd use something different, and I love this color and thought it was perfect for this Autumn basket. I've very glad that I did because I think I'll be using more of this yarn in the future.

Not sure what I'll end up doing for my next crafty project yet. I have several things to choose from, but most of them are bigger projects that I'm pretty sure I can't get finished up by next week. We will see what I come up with!! :)

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