Sunday, December 29, 2013

Winding Down

It's just about the end of another year, and this year started out as a doozy with a broken ankle, putting our dog down and having a close family member find out he had cancer all within the first month!!  Thankfully, ankles heal, broken hearts do too, and with an excellent team of doctors our loved family member has tested cancer free for the past few months. Even so, I'm ready for this year to be over and to start fresh with new dreams and goals to look forward to.

I got all the Christmas things put away today - mostly because our daughter has a friend spending the night, and in a 700 square foot house, every spare inch is needed!! But also because I'm ready for getting the clutter cleaned up. House work, minus the laundry, is just about caught up after the Christmas craziness. It was a wonderful Christmas too. Lots of visiting family and some quiet time just for the 3 of us. We got our daughter some board games as playing games has become an almost nightly time for us to come together and talk and laugh. We are finding this more and more important as our daughter gets older:)

I had a fun time with my sister-in-law yesterday. Our local needlework store - Hearts Desire - has a year-end sale and we hit the sale with gift cards in hand that our mother-in-law gets us for Christmas every year. I bought both the Summer and Winter Snapperland series from Bent Creek, 'Bunnies Galore' from BritterCup and a fat 1/2 of 32ct natural light linen which I'll use a bit of for the Winter Snapperland.

Tomorrow I will be doing a post on all the Sals and Challenges I am hoping to participate in for the new year. I even have one I am going to try and host. A 'Something Old, Something New' Sal. Hope you can join me:)

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lynn cockrell said...

Wishing you a much better beginning to the year of 2014!