Friday, December 20, 2013

NewFO Challenge

I've been spending some time here lately looking into what kind of challenges and Sals I want to get involved in next year and decided that I would like to work on my quilting skills in the coming year. Now, don't get me wrong, there will still be lots and lots of stitching as well, but I have been following a few quilting blogs for the past several months and they have inspired me to learn more about quilting.

The 2014 NewFO Challenge is run by Barbara of Cat Patches. Barbara blogs quite regularly and is always showing off her beautiful quilting skills (and incredibly witty kitty cats:). It is always a joy to read at her blog!!  The goal of this challenge is to start a new quilted piece each month, create a blog post the last day of the month and link up to her 'party'!! What's great is that there is no pressure to actually finish the quilt in any particular time frame. And it doesn't have to be a full sized quilt either. Your project can be anything from a potholder or mug rug to a wall quilt or full sized quilt. That works great for me!!! :)

As part of this challenge we are to post some of the quilts we would like to start this year. Barbara has her whole year planned with pics of each of her planned quilts. I'm really a beginner quilter so most of mine will probably be fairly simple, patchwork and the like. But I want to stretch myself on a few of these as well. I would really like to incorporate some embroidery on at least one of them too:)

So here are a few quilts I'd like to start this year....

Winter Wonderland
Snowman quilt - Bunny Hill Designs
Merry Merry Snowmen by Bunny Hill Designs
Hope Valley Quilt
Hope Valley Quilt found at Diary of a Quilter blog
This last one I would do in other colors but I like the look of it overall. There are a few more quilts I found that I couldn't link up to and give proper credit to the owners/designers, so I'll just wait until I've started them and link up another way. I do like some of the modern quilts and would like to do one hexie quilt as well. Hmm, lots to think about and plan over!! Really getting excited about this challenge:)
EDIT: OOPS!! I forgot to add that if you want to join and win a prize as well, go over to Barb's blog right NOW!!! and join in. At midnight tonight (12-21-13) the contest will end:)


Pull the other thread said...

Wow some beautiful quilts there. I look forward to following your progress on these :) Merry Christmas

Barbara said...

I've done that Winter Wonderland quilt. Mine is in blue, and it is one of my favorites.