Monday, December 16, 2013

A New Fur Baby

Actually it is my daughter's fur-baby. She is just so cute!!

Her official name is Nikki (according to her papers), but my dd liked the name Nutmeg better, so that is what we are calling her. She needs some extra work and special cuddle time as she is still pretty jumpy, but dd is really doing well with her and she is coming along nicely.

Nutmeg will eventually be introduced to this handsome fellow...

We are keeping them completely separate right now as Nutmeg isn't quite old enough to be a momma, and Fargo is just a wee bit too eager to meet her!! We are hoping for several cute babies from these two to build up dd's collection for showing for 4-H.

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Lija Broka said...

Nutmeg is so cute! She does look quite young in comparison to Fargo (though he is adorable too in a more mature sort of way). Though I wouldn't say I can judge rabbits age. What is 4-H? Hope they will get along.