Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Monthly To-Do List

Wow, the month of July just flew on past. The County Fair has come and gone, and what a long but fun week that was, and school is just around the corner. I really didn't get much done this month, again, so I will need to refocus and try, try again to get my goals completed!!!

Here is what I got to last month...

1. Got the quilt top all put together.
2. Took dd to one extra activity each week. We've gone to a public pool, a water park, a movie and a whole week of the county fair.
Umm, well, that was all:) 

My goals for this month are...

1. Finish and post Ho Ho Ho blog hop projects.

2. Start, finish and post Queen of Hexes blog hop projects

3. Sandwich and start quilting on my patriotic colored quilt.

4. Stitch and sew up a couple ornies.

5. Finish the embroidery on my 2 birds piece.

I should probably stop there as I'm sure I won't quite get all this done as it is:) Here's to hoping I can stay focused and get some of these projects finished up!!!


cucki said...

good luck dear..
happy stitching x

Bernadett Rauski said...

I should make a list,too,for every month...:)
It is very good.:)

Deb said...

Beautiful quilt! Love the colors.
Cheering you on for this months projects.