Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Friendly Visit

I finally had a chance to visit a friend a couple weeks ago. It was so nice. We used to live not even 5 minutes from each other when our kids were smaller. We used the same curriculum for them and often ended up at each others' houses by the end of the week or day, whichever was most needed:0)

She is my best friend, but over time we have (literally) moved away from each other and our lives and responsibilities have change and we find ourselves going longer and longer with out having a chance to see one another or even talk. We only live an hour away from each other now, but I'm usually only able to make time once every few months to go see her - she has 3 kids still at home plus 2 she is fostering and I live in a 700sq ft home, so coming to me is a bit harder!!

A couple weeks ago we had planned to start school, but the weather the week before had been so wet (as in flooding) that my dd hadn't been able to play outside much and we ended up stranded at home for the whole week. We did start school that next week, but instead of starting on Monday, we waited until Thursday. We went to a movie, shopping and out to lunch one day, had a day at home to finish up planning for school, and...

FINALLY had a visit at my friend's house:0)

It is amazing how we can go so long without seeing each other, but as soon as we're together, it's as if we had never been apart. We just pick up the conversation and the time flies by. She is a wonderful friend and an incredibly giving person. I have to admit that when she went into respite/foster care, I was jealous. I wanted to do that too (for various reasons, it isn't possible right now) and as she talked about it and planned for it I was struggling with trying to find my place to help.

In the end I did decide what I could do that might bring a little comfort to the little ones that go in and out of the program she works with. I could make blankets. It's a small thing to do, but something that I do have time for in my life right now, so that's what I'm doing.

I wanted to have the 2 blankets done that I had been working on before I went to visit her, but I wasn't quiet done with the second one. Thankfully I had time to work on it while I was at her house, so I was able to give them both to her that day.

The second blanket that I finished, a girly one:)

Both the 1st and 2nd blanket. One for a boy, one for a girl.
She's not sure yet who will receive these. I told her to do whatever seemed right to her. I had also hoped to get more of these done this year, but I have another in the works, and am hoping to do at least one more before the end of the year:0) It makes me happy to know that even though I can't do something big to help out, like being a foster parent, I can do something small like this.


cucki said...

So beautiful..very pretty blanket ..
Love and hugs x

Bernadett Rauski said...

Lovely work.:)

Judy said...

These are wonderful and the kids will love them. I think you did something "big", you gave what you could and it is from your heart. It all matters!!
Hope to see you again soon at a get together...take care.