Monday, December 1, 2014

December Goals

It's the last month of the year!! Can you believe it? I was just thinking on how fast 2014 has gone by this year and to think that 2015 is just around the corner!! Of course, with the holidays this past week and ones coming up in just a few weeks, December ends up being one of the busiest times of the year. So I decided that I should write down my goals for this month in hopes that I can keep my head above the water:) (hoping that won't be snow!!!)

Craft goals-

-Finish up with a few hand-mades that I have going for my 12 Days of Christmas exchange partner.
-Decide if I need to make any other hand-mades for friends and family.
-I had hoped to get a few blankets done for my friend's foster kids. I'm not sure this can get finished at this point, but I will add it to my goals:)
-Get my scarf knitted before my neck freezes!!
-*MAYBE* knit a hat for my dd.

House Goals-

-Get the tree up - usually this is done the weekend after Thanksgiving, but we ended up at my parent's on Saturday and then hubby went to work on a truck at his parent's house on Sunday. It not only takes getting the tree out of storage, but some re-arranging in the living room as well. So maybe this coming weekend?
-Umm, clean? Or not, not sounds better:) Okay, I really do need to clean up some. I have a schedule made now, and it sounds really good, I just need to actually follow it!! LOL
-Help hubby build a better shelter for the outdoor/stray dog. I'm thinking he's not a stray anymore:) He won't come in the house for more than a few minutes at a time (and this is after really working on getting him to come in at all). We have a temp shelter for him to get out of the wind/cold, but it needs to be insulated better. Actually he could go to the lean-to, it has straw bales and it protected from the wind, but it isn't very close to the house and he likes being right by the front door. The cats all have a few places they like to go already, so now it's the dog's turn.

School Goals -

-Have dd finish Health, get ready for Science for next semester.
-A couple of Math tests.
-Finish 'Early American History', be ready for Modern American History
-Actually work on German!!
-Continue on in English

4-H Goals -

-Finish up enrollment
-Turn in the last of the paperwork for the year
-Christmas Caroling/meeting next week
-Gather donations for local Soup Kitchen
-Pass out and collect money for T-Shirt orders

Okay, I think that'll  do. Obviously I didn't add things like shopping for Christmas and all the extra holiday things, but this should get the 'have-to's' out of the way. It always makes me feel better to get it all written down:)

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Christine Barnsley said...

Hello Shannon! Good luck with your December goals! I think I need to write myself a list too... I am a little behind where I would like to be with what I want to do!! :) xx