Friday, March 19, 2010

Daybook Entry for 3-19-10

Okay, I'm going to try something new for me in an effort to actually end up posting once in a while:) I stole this off of someone's else's blog and she called it 'Daybook Entry'. Not sure what I'll call it yet, but an update is an update, right? :)

Outside my window...It is cloudy and cold again. In for a snowstorm tonight and tomorrow, hopefully that will be it for the year!!!

I'm thinking...That I need to get off the computer and actually get something done today.

I am thankful for... The weather the last couple of days. It was beautiful yesterday!!!

In my kitchen...Not as messy as usual;) I do need to finish up the dishes and maybe try (again) to make some gf bread. I've not had much luck with that yet.

Creativity this week included...Cross stitching, as usual, and some crocheting. Working on an exchange for a stitching group on the cross-stitch and working on a blanket for us with the crocheting. Pics to come.

I am our LNS tomorrow!!! At least I will be if the weather holds out.

My reading indulgences...Mostly reading on Passover right now as that is coming up soon. Also started reading another Amish fiction series.

Around the house...Not too bad. Spent most of yesterday cleaning. Need to finish up a few things, but it is realitively clean. The house is never clutter free though as it is so small and not enough room for what we have, but it is what we have:)

Well, enough for now. I'm hoping to do one of these once a week and may have a picture post once a week as well to help with keeping up:) We will see.

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Julie said...

I liked this idea so much I've decided to do the same!
Enjoyed your post.
Cross Stitch Garage Sale THIS Saturday. Interested in joining us???