Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A stitchy post

Lots of stitching going on around here!!! First off, a gift. A friend saw my gardening plans and decided that I needed a 'good luck with the garden' gift:) So she made me a carrot pin. Isn't it the cutest thing? Monique (who made this) is the designer for My Mark Design. You can visit her blog at http://mymarkdesigns.wordpress.com/ and she has a link to all her very cute designs on her blog.

And this is where I put it, at least for now. I won't keep it there when I'm gardening though. Like all other things in my life, I tend to get messy when I garden:) I don't want to get my pin dirty, but for now it looks cute on my gardening hat.

This is a very bad pic of a project I am working on for me. We don't have much natural lighting in my house, so pics don't turn out very well. This is one I started in the beginning of January. I have been doing other projects in between working on this one, so it's going slow, but it is finally looking like I'm getting somewhere with it:)

And lastly, a tuck. I've been needing a spring colored one and couldn't find one that was already made that I liked the fabric, so I made my own. It needs a little help:) I should have got one corner punched out better and one of the straps it a little off, but all in all, I'm happy with how it turned out.

Happy Stitching:)


Marianne said...

Hey your tuck looks good! I'm impressed! Nice progress on the Patriotic LHN. That makes two you are currently working on! Lucky you getting a stitchy gift from Monique! : )

Janelle said...

Where'd you order your seeds from? I would love to learn how to cross-stitch again. Great job.


Anonymous said...
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RJ's Momma said...

Hi Janelle, and thanks for visiting my blog. I order all my seeds from www.seedsavers.org because they carry only heirloom seeds. Some are also organic if that's what you like:)