Thursday, October 10, 2013

Finally - A Finish!!

 You've seen the 'Girl in Blue with Flowers and Butterflies' before - okay, I'm made up the name, not sure what it was originally named. :)  It was one I did for the Flower Blog hop. The second one I changed the colors on a bit as the girl had on a red dress, but I wanted her to match so I made it blue. I think these are very sweet!! Still need to make a needle case out of them, but I'm glad the stitching is done!!

And I finally found where one of the patterns for these are!! I found a finished pic of the other too, but can't find the pattern for it. Not a surprise as Frimousse has over 600 freebies on her site. And it's in French, so umm, yea - I can't read it. My internet connection speed (and the connection itself) is hugely flaky, so using the translator doesn't work well either. I looked for it for hours, but no luck. I'm sure it's there though, so if you really want the pattern you can look around for it:) Here is a link to the girl in the veggie garden. And HERE is a link to the picture of the girl with the butterflies.

I may have another finish in a few days!!! Actually it's not all my stitching, but my part of it should be done:) It's the last section of a round robin I've been part of this year. So hopefully I'll have that to show off in a few days. I'm also waiting on a pattern to come in the mail for a couple blocks I will be doing for Love Quilts. It's been a while since I have stitched for them and I'm pretty excited to get back to it!!


cucki said...

I love sweet x

Anonymous said...

They are so cute!