Sunday, September 29, 2013

Have you heard?

Yes, it's been awhile, that's all I'll say about that:)

What I really wanted to say though, is 'Have You Heard?' About the freebie? The Christmas sampler?

If you are into cross stitching and you haven't heard about this yet, then you must have been hiding under a rock!! :) I have seen it everywhere lately. But then again, I do visit many stitching blogs and Yahoo groups, and Facebook pages, and.... Yes, I may have a problem with a stitching addiction!! :)

Anyway, just in case you aren't quite as obsessed as I am THIS is what I'm talking about...

Introduction to SMS 1 tp

Paulette from Plum Street Samplers has designed a FREE Christmas Sampler for all to have!! There are even 2 options to stitch and another option for if you'd like to do it on black fabric. But it is also a mystery:) Each Sunday, starting today, for the next 9 weeks she is releasing a portion of the sampler on her blog. I already have my fabric and floss out and have started the first few stitches in it:)

I'm pretty excited, this is the first new start I've had in a while (not that I NEEDED a new start!!), and I'm eager to see how this turns out. Maybe you'll join along?


cucki said...

So sweet...
Enjoy stitching it
Hugs x

SoCal Debbie said...

Yes, I'm stitching this one too, Mary's Sampler II. I was so intrigued when I read it would be based on the birth of Jesus from the Bible.