Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Well, Hello!!

School is almost done for the year. Yes, it is summer already, so why are we still doing school?!?!? Dd decided this spring, when the weather was so nice, that we should have a 3 week spring break. It worked out really nice as the weather was perfect and we needed a break. But that meant that we would have to work a bit into the summer to finish up and that is what we've been doing. She has a couple more days of work left and then she's done for the year!!! I'm hoping that will give me a bit more time to stitch, craft and blog. We will have her 4-H county fair to get ready for too, but most of what she wants to do this year involves crafting as well - and a bit of baking which her father will help her with:)

I have managed to do some stitching since I last posted. These two blocks went off to Love Quilts USA to be used in a heart themed quilt for a child with either a severe disablity or illness. These blocks are fun to do and it's great that they will go for a good cause. I am still trying to get a frog themed block done too. It was due by July 1st, but I had to ask for it to be used in the wildlife theme instead as I keep having to pull out my stitches from mistakes I'm making - guess that's what I get for stitching frogs!! :) So it won't be due now until Sept 1st, that should help a lot:)

Not much more time this morning so I'll finish with a picture of the only other living thing in my home that is allowed to touch my stitching basket:) Well, he wasn't suppose to be in there, but I had to take a picture before I booted him out!!!
The picture also shows my progress on Prairie Schooler's 'Summer Ornie' that I'm just about done with now, so I'm hoping to have a post to show that finish by tomorrow!! Then it'll be back to the frogs for me!!!

Have a great day:)

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