Friday, April 30, 2010

Daybook Entry for 4-30-10

Outside my window... Cloudy, cool and wet. But we've needed the moisture. Last night some storms went through and we had some hail with it. One of our dogs does not handle storms very well and at about midnight she (our 75 lb. yellow lab) jumped into bed with my dd:) Dd was a little surprise, hehehe. I finally had to shut all the bedroom doors to keep her out as she just would not stay still and quiet. The other dog (about 80 lb chocolate lab) did just fine and would have slept through the whole thing if the other dog would have stayed calm:)

I'm thinking...about getting our garden in. We finally went and bought our plants last weekend, but haven't gotten them in the ground yet, and after the storm last night, I'm glad we hadn't. It's time though so hopefully the garden spots will dry out enough to allow us to get some planting done.

In the kitchen...I really need to try to make some gf bread again. I tried 3 different times in one day a couple weeks ago and each time failed!!! I used to make our whole wheat bread, but this is so different from wheat/yeast breads and I just need to keep trying. I REALLY want a sandwich:) Guess I know what I'll be doing this weekend, besides the garden;)

Creativity this week included... Worked a little on the crocheted bag but mostly worked on a stitched bookmark for dd's 'Secret Sister'. I'll post a pic soon as we will be giving it to her today and dd gets to find out who her 'secret sister' is today.

My reading indulgences... I've begun to read through the Bible following a one year plan. I'm doing pretty well so far, but I mostly skimmed Genisis as I've been through it by myself twice in the last 2 years and once with dd for school, so I pretty much knew it:) I am also reading a V.C. Andrews book from the library. I haven't read any of her books for years (probably about 10 years). It's okay, but a little weird.

Around the house... It's a mess, again, or still, not sure anymore;0) DD and I have been gone so much this week that only the most necessary things have gotten done (like enough dishes to eat off of and enough clothes to wear). She has had 2 skating parties - one for Awana, one for Enrichement class, had her Awana program, a play date with friends, gymnastics/library day, and today her homeschool group has their last 'Secret Sister' party. Hopefully we'll be home this weekend:) Next week is much better as Awana is done for the year, no parties, etc. Just gymnastics and a 4-H meeting.

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