Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Stitchy Post:)

It's been a while since I've posted and I thought (okay it was requested:) that I'd give a little bit of an update. This will be the first in a couple of posts that I hope to get up within the next couple of days.

I've been stitching up a storm this past several weeks. This one is for a Quaker exchange I am doing. I still need to make it into something before the end of June for it to be ready. I think the hedgehog is really cute:)
This one I started about a month ago and then haven't done anything more with it. It is called "Bless Our Home" and is by Country Cottage Needleworks.

I have been mostly working on this one and like it so much that I ordered the other 3 in the set:) This is the spring section of "Saltbox Scriptures" from Little House Needleworks. I will post an update when I get it done.
And finally, after a full year of working on this one.... IT IS DONE!!! I need to look for a frame for it and put on the buttons, but other than that, it is done. I am suprised that I still really like this one;) I got it for my birthday in 2008 and finished it ON my birthday in 2009.

Well that is all for stitching. I have some updates on my garden and what I've been learning about herbs to write about later this week:)


Julie said...

Faster! Faster! LOL
Beautiful starts and BEAUTIFUL finish! Beautiful colors in Pure in heart. So, do you have a wall where all of these are going to be hung???

Marianne said...

They are all gorgeous! Love them. Happy to see you joining in the quaker exchange.

Marilyn said...

Great stitching Shannon.
You've been busy!
I especially like the LH Land of the Free. It's gorgeous.
Keep stitching!