Thursday, April 2, 2009

Some stitching

I'm finally getting around to posting about the stitching I've been doing:)

This first one is just getting started. It is from Brittercup and will have a horse and a kitty on it. I'm doing this one for my dd, as she loves both horses and cats.

This one is getting pretty close to done. It is by Little House Needleworks called 'Heart of America.' I have been working on this since last June, so it's taking a while, but I just love it:)

I'm only working on this one on and off. I found this sampler at and really like the red and white look. I'm doing this on 28 ct over one so it won't be as big.

This one I just started and finished. I love doing small projects that I can get done quickly. This one will be sent off as an exchange. Now my dd wants this one too:)
All turned out well after the storm. All the animals ended up safe and sound. Would you believe that we are getting snow AGAIN today?!?!? It isn't to amount to anything though, however the last snow isn't all melted yet. We do have the moisture we were needing though, so that really is all that matters.

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