Saturday, March 28, 2009

Crazy Weather

We have had some crazy weather since yesterday!!! I took a few pics out our one window that we can see out of, and I'll take some more later when the snow finally stops.

This one is toward our lean-to. You can see that the inside is almost filled up with snow. I'm thinking that drift is about 5ft tall.

Can't tell much from here. Behind the trailor is the stock tank. Can't see it? That's because it is completely under snow now:) We are going to have to dig out the water spiket too to give the animals their water.

And here are our cars. They aren't going anywhere for a while. Our shop has snow up to the big door handles, so we have to dig the shop/barn out so we can get the tractor out to start moving snow around.

Not sure how the animals are doing. Everyone exept 3 chickens are where they should be. Either in the barn or coop. I went to put chickens away last night and only 12 of the 19 were in the coop. We found 4 more of them, half frozen wondering around and put them in the coop. They couldn't see over the snow drifts to find the coop!!! Couldn't find 3 of them, so I'm hoping they were hiding in the barn or in the lean-to.
Will put more pics on later when it stops snowing:)
Hope everyone is safe and warm.

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